Safe water project with photovoltaic solar energy of the Durango community
The Durango community is located in northwestern Ecuador, in the Province of Esmeraldas, on the Ibarra San Lorenzo road.

The black population of Durango used to live selling wood and is currently trained in the sustainable management of the Ecological Corridor.

The average gross monthly income of a family is less than US$20 or less than 10% of the national minimum income
The safe water system initially comprises 4 Isofoton I 165 panels with a total of 2310 Whp (peak watt hours) per day, 6 MAC 12 V (volt) 150 Ah (ampere hour) seasonal accumulators 1 Isofoton I 30 A regulator and 1 Triplite APS 2400 W inverter (alternating current generation of 110 V for the pump and lighting of the communal house).

Durango's system generates energy for pumping water and for electricity consumption in the communal house.
The water system works with an automatic control.

With the water system, the 35 families now have access to more than 40 liters of water per day and person from public outlets. The 3/4 HP pump is working approximately 1.2 hours per day. The pumping distance of the water is more than 300 meters and the height is 23m.

In case you want to support this and/or other communities, contact us by email.
Corporación para el Desarrollo Sostenible CODESO
Proyectos de agua y electrificación, CODESO
View of the Durango communitynow with piped water with a photovoltaic pumping system
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The system was co-executed by the Ventanas community, CODESO and Fundación Niño y Tierra Unidos por el Ambiente, NYTUA, Tel: (593) 6 - 780 021, email

The Awacachi Project, led by NYTUA together with other entities, is raising awareness and training project communities in the sustainable management of natural resources.
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