Fotovoltaic electrification project of the community El Viento
The community „El Viento - The Wind” is located in the Ecological Reservation of Manglares Cayapas Mataje among San Lorenzo in the coast of Ecuador and Tumaco in Colombia.  
The black population of El Viento lives mainly off the capture and commercialization of the shell and the handmade fishing. The average of monthly gross revenues of a family is smaller than 50 US $, of that which wears out great part in mobilization. 
The shell is harvested by the women and children of the community inside the protected area of the swamp. It is important that the community has its photovoltaic energy system to be able to carry out the daily tasks as for example the education of the children also at night, to have access to information for radio and television. 
The solar system helps preserve the ecosystem of the swamp.
The system of solar energy consists initially of 11 solarpanels Isofoton I 110 with a total of 1210 Wp (watts pick), 8 accumulators of 12 V (volts) 130 Ah (ampere hours), 3 regulators 30 A and 2 Inverters TRIPPLITE APS 1250 W (generation of alternating current of 110 V for the local electric net). 
The system was co-executed by the community “El Viento“, CODESO and FEDARPOM S. L., the Federation of Afroecuadorian Artisans Recolectors of Products of the Swamp with headquarters in San Lorenzo, Emeraldas, Ecuador, Telefax 593-6-2780315,
The 20 families have during the day the possibility to listen radio and to use mixers and fans. At night they can use their energy saver lamps and their (few) televisions until approximately the 22 hours. 
The hope of the community is to increase the solar system to to maintain a communal freezer to improve the commercialization of the shellfish.
The main financing was carried out by the Project for the Development of the Indigenous and Black Communitys of the Ecuador PRODEPINE RCN Telefax 593-6-727937, There was also an support of the Illustrious Municipality of San Lorenzo. 
Paneles fotovoltaicos comunidad El Viento
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Paneles fotovoltaicos comunidad El Viento
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