Solar drinking water and eletrification proyect of the comunity Guachal
The comunity of Guachal is sited in the mangle area near Limones in the "Reserva Ecológica de Manglares Cayapas Mataje" in the  northern coast of Ecuador. (view Maps)

The black or afroecuatorian population of Guachal lives mainly of the capture of "concha" and artesanal fishing. The monthly average family income is less than 30 US$.

The "concha" is captured inside the protected area of the Mangle Reserve by women and children of the the comunity. It is important that the comunity got its solar drinking water system for clean water. The comunity used to get their water from an open unmantained pond, and had to carry the water by boat.

The solar system helps preserve the ecosystem of mangle and is  compatible in management of the "Reserva Ecológica de Manglares Cayapas Mataje".
The inicial instalation of the solar system includes 5 panels Isofoton I 110 with an total of 550 Wp and an average generation of 1925 Wh / day, 5 stationary batteries MAC 12 V 150 Ah, 1 regulator I 30 A and 1 Inverter Triplite APS 900 W (to generate 110 V AC for the pump and lights in the houses).

The 17 families now got access with the system to more than 30 liters of water per person and day. The waterpump is working aproximatly 1,6 hours a day.

The comunity was able with the help of the local government of Limones to get the cable for an minimal electrification of the houses.

The solar system doesn´t generate suficient energy for the electrical service of the households, but in times with plenty of sunshine, the families could use the energy for their flourescent lamps and radios.

The comunity formed a microservicecompany of drinkingwater and electricity, which collects the monthly cuotes of the families for maintainance and and increasing the solar system to gain sostainibility in a long term. (view also "Sostainability")
The system was coexecuted by the comunity of Guachal, CODESO and FEDARPROBIM, the "Federación Afro Artesanal de Recolectores de Productos Bioacuáticos del Manglar E.A." with office in Limones, Province Esmeraldas, Ecuador, Telefax 593-6-789473,
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The main financiation realized the "Proyecto para el Desarrollo de los Pueblos Indígenas y Negros del Ecuador PRODEPINE RCN", Telefax: 593-6-727937, There was also support from the local government of Limones and CODESO.
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