Drinking water + public electrification project
of the comunity of Pampanal
The comunity of Pampanal is located in the mangle of the Ecologic Reserve of Mangle Cayapas Mataje between San Lorenzo in the coast of Ecuador and Tumaco in Colombia.

Children of Pampanal near the wells
The system of treated drinking water consists of more than 700 meters of tube of impulsion with 9 wells, three waterpumps and one distribution tank with 8 qubic meters of reservoir in an altitude of 10 meters.
The main distribution line consists of 2500 meters of tubes.
The individual conexion of the 150 households was financed by OIM.

The 150 families have got now access to more than 60 liters of drinking water per day and person, with an daily total of 54.000 liters.

The three waterpumps are working aproximately 3,6 hours per day and they are controlled by an automatic system to get advantage of the differnt wells. The microcompany of waterservice manages a  system of hipoclorifcation with which they produce cheep clouro on the base of normal salt.

The system doesn´t need special maintainance, because it is totally  automatic. The microcompany of service was formed and managed by comunity members to garantize the services ao long terms.
The proyect is coexecuted by the comunity Pampanal, CODESO and FEDARPROBIM, the Federación Afro Artesanal de Recolectores de Productos Bioacuáticos del Manglar E.A. with their main office in Limones, Province of Esmeraldas, Ecuador, Telefax 593-6-789473, fedarprobim@yahoo.com.

The principal financing of the Proyecto para el Desarrollo de los Pueblos Indígenas y Negros del Ecuador PRODEPINE RCN Telefax 593-6-727937, prodrcn@yahoo.com. There was also some money from the Ilustre Municipio de Limones, the Ilustre Municipio de San Lorenzo, the OIM and CODESO.
The black population of Pampanal lives of the capture and comercializing of seafood. The average monthly income of a family is about 30 US$.
It´s important that the comunity got their treated water system and public electrification. In former times they used an open pond, from which they had to carry their drinking water in canoa.

Inicially it was planned to use a solar system for pumping, but it was managed to be financed the public grid interconnection for diferent comunities.
Corporation for sostainable devbellopment CODESO
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Photos: Children of Pampanal near the wells
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