Tratamiento de agua potable
Desalinización de agua de mar - Osmosis inversa
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Desalinización de agua de mar - Osmosis inversa
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Desalinización de agua de mar - Osmosis inversa

♦ Pre-filtration booster pump. Centrifugal / heavy duty
♦ Exclusive 2 year warranty on system and membranes
♦ 3 to 1 pressure safety factor
♦316 stainless steel high pressure regulator
♦ Automatic product water diversion valve.
♦ Exclusive automatic system membrane cleaning cycle.
♦ Automatic water quality indicator
♦ Automatic low pressure cut off switch to
    protect   pump.
♦ Automatic oil pump monitor
♦ Automatic sea strainer maintenance indicator
♦ Automatic pre filter maintenance indicator
♦ Unique automatic water quality control graph.
♦ Available in 115V / 230V / 380V
♦ Circuit breaker switch to protect mode
♦ Corrosion resistant washable sea strainer
♦ Corrosion resistant booster pump
♦ Corrosion resistant / lightweight / direct
     drive HP pump
♦ Corrosion resistant fiberglass ASME
    approved HP membrane vessel
♦ Do it yourself installation kit
♦ Domestic or export packaging
♦ Two year warranty
♦ DOW approved cleaning chemicals
♦ Easy to understand installation /
     operation manual
♦ Elapsed time digital display hour meter
♦ Electrolysis prevention zinc probe
♦ Exclusive patented electronic digital
       system diagnostic display
♦ Exclusive water temperature digital display
♦ Full remote control connection available
♦ High rejection DOW RO Membranes,
       FDA approved, commercial grade
♦ High pressure hose approved by Coast Guard
♦ Lightweight, epoxy baked aircraft alloy
        frame (except PF units)
♦ Low voltage safety control and protection
♦ Product water flow meter
♦ Reject water flow meter
♦ Remote alarm connection
♦ Salinity meter
♦ Self cleaning centrifugal oil/water separator
♦ Stainless steel glycerin filled HP gauge
♦ Stainless steel glycerin filled LP gauge
♦ Taste / odor carbon post filter
♦ Temperature compensated salinity probe
♦ High efficiency and washable dual pre
        filtration (20 and 5 micron) 
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