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How solar photovoltaic electrification works?
How solar photovoltaic electrification works?
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Our goal is to get an:
- Ecological
- Economical
- Social
- Tecnical
Ecological Sostainability
The production of energy, in this case the transformation of energy from the sun into electrical energy, is sustainable, because the energy source is renewable. We do not reduce or end resources such as oil. Nor do we pollute or negatively influence the environment.

The manufacture of the panels does not have a high ecological cost either.
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Economical Sostainability
Although the costs of solar equipment should come down further, already today, solar energy is cheaper than conventional energy in the long run. See also "Real Price Comparison" on the next page.

In many purchases of "interested people", fuel, indirect, distribution, maintenance and ecological costs are not taken into account.

Still, without these costs there is still local independence, which also influences costs.
Social Sostainability
The social acceptance of solar energy, especially in developing countries, is growing. The eventual negative social impacts have more to do with the change from "living without light" to the new situation of "living with electricity".

The acceptance of the technique is not a problem, if this change is accompanied by adequate training.

The reason, that solar energy is cheaper than conventional energy, often makes it the only alternative for low-income families at a social level.

The benefits of access to electricity, such as light to be able to study in the afternoon or the pumping and treatment of drinking water, among others, outweigh possible negative impacts.
Tecnical Sostainability
Technical sustainability is the clearest or most obvious: with the achievement of a useful life of solar panels of 25 to 30 years.
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