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Drinking water project with fotovoltaic solar energy of the comunity Ventanas
The community of “Ventanas – Windows” is located in the Ecuadorian northwest, in the County of Emeraldas, at the railroad line Ibarra - San Lorenzo.  The black population of “Ventanas” lived before selling wood and at the moment the community is learning the sustainable managing of the Ecological Corridor.

The average of monthly income of a family is less than 20 US $ or less than 20% of the national minimum income. 
The solarsystem for the drinkingwater is initially made by 2 solarpanels Isofoton I 165 with a total of 1155 Whp / d (watts hour peak), 4 stationary batteries MAC 12 V (volts) 150 Ah (amp hours), 1 solarcontroller Isofoton I 30 A and 1 Inverter Triplite APS 2400 W (generation of alternate current of 110 V for the local net).

The system of “Ventanas” generates the energy for the waterpumping and for the consumption of lights of the community house. The watersystem works automaticly.

The 17 families have now access to more than 40 liters of water per day and person in public takings. The Pedrollo pump of 3/4 HP is working approximately 0,7 hours per day. The distance of pumping of the water is more than 300 meters and the head is 22 m.
The community of “Ventanas” is questioning the financing for the project of ecotourism. Their dream is the rehabilitation of the railroad with touristic use.

The latrine project is possible now, because there is already water. Other projects planned are the cultural rescue and handycrafts, important for the socialeconomic development of the families.

Your support is welcome to improve their living level. In case that you want to support this or other communities please send us an Email.
View of the community of Ventanas and the woods
The project was coexecuted by the community of “Ventanas”, CODESO and Fundación Niño y Tierra Unidos por el Ambiente, NYTUA, Tel: (593) 6 - 2780 021, mail

The Awacachi Project, leaded by NYTUA together with other entities, is training the communities of the project in the sustainable managing of their natural resources. 
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