Solar Drinking Water Projects
Drinking water projects: General description
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Energía hidraúlica CODESO
Corporation for sostainable devbellopment CODESO
General description
The solar panels captures the solar rays and converts them into electric energy DC, which is stored in accumulators or batteries.

The DC AC Inverter transforms the direct current DC into "normal" alternate current AC with 110 volts, which is distributed by cables to the houses, where are different consumers conected: fluorescent lamps, radiocassettes, television, ventilators, refrigerators, etc.. (view also the section: "How does solar energy work?" )

Sometimes you will need drinking water sistems.
The mayority of the projects here presented, are realized with limited economic fonds, serving the minimum basic needs of the benefitted communities.

The use of the sun as a source of energy, itself is sostainable, because it protects the ambient, but sostainability also has to include low cost operation and the garanty that the systems will work on a long term without mayor costs and dependencies. Therefore it is important to save a certain amount of money for mantainance and future increments. In the communities microservice companies are founded, which are garantizing the service and increments, charging small monthly fees.

We are training local personal, which will be able to realize maintainance on local and regional level. We are trying to involve different repair shops and regional vendors with the solar energy. The microservice companies in the comunities gain to increment their solar systems, on the base of the collection of monthly fees from the benefitted families, financing preventive maintainance with local tecnical trained personal, replacement and increment of equipments.
This type of solar system is, like most others:

Sostainable, because the energy source is the sun, it is not damaging the ambient, there is no fuel consumption, it works for decades (solar panels got 25 to 30 years working garanty), it can be incremented in modular steps, and does not require mayor maintainance.

Independent and cheep, because it depends only on the sun, there is no need public grid connections, or to buy and transport fuels.
Instalación en Yamaram Suku, se puede apreciar los paneles en el techo y el tanque de distribución en el fondo
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Corporación para el Desarrollo Sostenible CODESO
foto Instalación en Yamaram Suku, se puede apreciar los paneles en el techo y el tanque de distribución en el fondo
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Corporation for sostainable devbellopment CODESO
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